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STEP 1 - Search contents - customize your license

MSI Eureka monitors the world publication and allows to customize a license area to your needs.  It reveals  immediately which information is available presently and  alerts you when new information comes available for the area that you licensed.

To customize your license area:

(a) Specify the material

Specify the material by selecting its constituting elements in the periodic table. To remove an element from your selection, click it again. The periodic table will respond interactively on your selection and will give you an advanced feedback on the world knowledge:

  • Grayed out elements: mean there is no information available at all, in none of the information categories.
  • Full color elements: mean there is information available, at least in one of the information categories.
  • Search extensions: give options to refine or extend the materials specification.
    • As selected
    • As selected + any other element (to define materials classes)
    • As selected + subsystems (e.g. to draw conclusions from related subsystems) 


(b) Specify the type of information wanted

Select type of informationSelect type of information - here you can select or deselect the information of interest to you. For more details on the various types of information, please visit the Opens internal link in current windowProducts pages.
The number of documents found for each type of information is displayed in the column "Results".
You can make your selections - i.e. your license area - as wide or narrow as you like.

(c) search results

Below the periodic table you find a list of those documents which are presently available on (a) the materials and (b) the type-of-information you have selected, together with price information.
Charge free documents appear in this list with a "zero" price. Other prices depend on the document(s) and the volume of your total purchase. Read more about Opens internal link in current windowOnline Fees and  Opens internal link in current windowFree Contents.

Search results

STEP 2 - Purchase

Online Opens internal link in current windowlicenses can be purchased using MasterCard or Visa.  On completion of the credit card payment a valid license key will be sent immediately in the same online session. Online licenses are specific to the individual and the PC on which they install the license key, they are valid for a 3 month period and can be renewed at any time without Opens internal link in current windowduplicated charge.

License fees are calculated from the individual documents presently available in the licensed area and discounted depending on the total purchase.
The base prices for individual documents are content related and set according to the level of complexity, volume of content and the scientific value added by the MSI Team. Prices per document vary for €4 for a single literature citation (Links to Literature) to over €1000 for the most in depth ternary evaluations.

Any updates to licensed information that is added to the databases during the period of the license will be available to the user at no additional charge, keeping you up to date with developments on your chosen materials area.

Any overlap of information in consecutive purchased licenses will be discounted, according to the overlap in time. Feel comfortable to use MSI Eureka as your regular information source; there are Opens internal link in current windowno duplicated charges.

IMPORTANT - Returning customers:

There is Opens internal link in current window no duplicated charges on overlapping information, not within a license and not for subsequent licenses running concurrently.

To exclude duplicated charge on  information overlap  Eureka Viewer  must be able to detect possible overlap. Therefore, you must have Opens internal link in current windowEureka Viewer open & running on your PC with your existing license while ordering new information via the Opens internal link in current windowCredit Card payment.

STEP 3 - Activate License

To view purchased documents, you will need to install the viewing software Opens internal link in current windowEureka Viewer on the PC to be used to view the documents. We recommend this is done in advance, however you will be offered the option to download during the purchase procedure. Opens internal link in current windowDownload Eureka Viewer now.

Licenses are managed via a ‘license key’ which will be provided to you at the end of purchase. To activate your license, you need to copy & paste your license key in the  ‘Activate License’ window, which will pop-up when you start the Eureka Viewer. See the Opens internal link in current windowEureka Viewer pages for full instruction on download & license activation.

If new information becomes available relevant to the areas covered by your license, you will be alerted by Eureka Viewer.