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Topical Licenses in MSI Eureka

Title Materials Systems Included
Aluminium Alloys Al*
Light Metal Alloys Al*, Ti*, Mg*, Be*
Lithium-Ion Batteries Li*, P*, Co*, Mn*, Ni*, Cu-Sn*, Ti-Si*, C-Si*, Mo-S*
Copper Alloys Cu*
Noble Metals Ag*, Au*, Pd*, Pt*, Rh*, Ru*, Ir*, Os*
Nuclear Materials Actinoids*, Cs*, O*, Zr*, Fr*, Ra*, Po*, At*, Rn*, Sr*, Xe*, H*, Ac*, Rf*, Sg*
Refractory Metals and their Alloys Cr*, V*, W*, Nb*, Hf*, Zr*, Ta*, Mo*, Re*
Semiconductor Systems Si*, Ge*, As*, N*, Ga*, Cd*, Te*, Se*, S*, Sb*, P*, In*, Cl*, I*, Br *, Zn-O*, Ti-O*, Cu-O*, U-O*, Bi-O*, La-O*, Fe-O*, Ni-O*, Eu-O*
Solders and Brases Ag*, Au*, Bi*, In*, Pb*, Sb*, Sn*, Zn*, B-Nb*, Co-Cr*, Co-Cr*, Co-Pd, Cr-Ni*, Cu-Mn*, Cu-Ni*, Cu-P*, Cu-Si*, Cu-Ti*, Mo-Os*, Mo-W*, Nb-Ti*, Nb-V*, Ni-P*, Ni-Pd*, Ni-Si*, Ni-Ti*, Ni-Zr*, Os-W*, Pt-W*, Ta-W*, Ti-Si*, Ti-V*, Ti-Zr*
Steels and Iron Alloys Fe*
Superalloys Ni*, Co*
Borides, Carbides, Nitrides B*, C*, N*
Rare Earth Elements Sc*, Y*, La*, Lanthanoids*
Cemented Carbides W-C*, W-C-Co*, W-C-Cr*, W-C-Ni*, W-C-Nb*

* - a star means:  plus any other element(s), e.g. Fe-O* means Fe + O + any other element(s)

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