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MSI portal offers home and visibility to communities active in materials chemistry. Presently it hosts the "Materials Science International Team" (MSIT) - global network of experts in materials constitution and the experimental & computer thermodynamics of materials.

Registration Fee

No registration fee is charged to the participants of the MSIT Annual International Workshop on the Evaluation of Heterogeneous Multicomponent Equilibria.

The Workshop will comprise usual group work and presentations by participants.

The group work at the MSIT Workshop works in the following way:

small groups of 3-5 scientists write together critical evaluation of data on phase diagrams of a particular materials' system. The literature for evaluation and working infrastructure are provided by MSI. In the group work there is always a knowledge transfer from the senior scientists experienced in the evaluation work to the younger scientists. The Guidelines for Critical Evaluation you can see here.

Registration to the MSIT Workshop is open for the MSIT members (no registration fee). If you have not been to one of our workshops before, and you would like to join the MSIT, please write to iljenkomsiportcom.


Accommodation & Meals Fees of the castle Ringberg

Room reservations will be made by the organisers on behalf of the participants.

Accommodation and meals should be paid for at the Castle, directly to the Castle administration.
The full board rate of 148.17€* per day includes a drink with each meal and refreshments during conferences. Additional beverages are charged separately. Vegetarian meals can be provided when ordered in advance. For guests from the institutions of the Max-Planck Society the net prices are charged - the full board is then 135,00€ (* - prices 2023).

Prices 2023 Net incl. VAT VAT
Lodging 61,00 € 65,27 € 7%
Breakfast 13,00 € 15,47 € 19%
Lunch 23,00 € 24,61 € 7%
Dinner 20,00 € 21,40 € 7%
Use of conference facilities 18,00 € 21,42 € 19%
Full board 135,00 € 148,17 €  

Please see detailed fees and payment methods at the web-site of the Castle:

By registering, you agree to the  accommodation cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy

By registering, you agree to the cancellation policy:

Registration Cancellation Policy

A refund of course fees (less 15% administrative charges) will be made for cancellations received in writing at least four weeks prior to the event. Substitutes can be made but please email new delegate details when known. Cancellations made less than four weeks prior to the event are non-refundable/non-changeable.
In the unlikely event that, owing to unforeseen circumstances1) or insufficient enrolment, the course has to be cancelled by the organisers, our liability is limited to refund of course fees only. We recommend that delegates have adequate insurance cover to claim any travel or personal expenses.

Accommodation Cancellation Policy

Accommodation and meals fees to be paid at the castle, directly to the castle administration. Room reservations will be made by the organisers on behalf of the participants.
In the case of cancellation from the third month to two weeks before the start of the event, the castle administration requests a refund of 75% of the agreed price for all individual services ordered. In the case of cancellation made less than two weeks before the start of the event, the castle administration requests a refund of 100 % of the agreed price for all individual services ordered.
Payment of these costs is the responsibility of the participants.


In the event of an event failure owing to force majeure or other unforeseeable events1), the organisers accept no liability for travel or accommodation costs incurred, nor for any expenses due to loss of work, loss of profit or claims by third parties.
1) Force majeure or unforeseeable events: events beyond the reasonable control of the organisers, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes, disease at the venue (e.g. SARS, Legionnaires, COVID-19), governmental regulations or advisory notices, terrorism, disaster, fire, earthquake, airline flight cancellation, or any other cause reasonably beyond the control of organisers and participants.

Photo Consent

By registering, the delegates allow the organisers to publish photos or screenshots taken during the MSIT Winter School and the MSIT Annual Meeting 12-17 March 2023 on the websites of the organisers and sponsors, on social media and in newsletters. Photos and videos, which are taken on behalf of the organisers during the MSIT Annual Meeting or MSIT Winter School, are used by the organisers (MSI GmbH; MPIE GmbH; Hampton Thermodynamics) exclusively for documentation, reporting and promotion purposes. The organisers are committed to processing information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All photographs will be used without personal identifying information. The delegates can withdraw consent for this at any time by sending an email to MSITWinterSchoolmsiportcom. Note: this will not apply to material already published.
Delegates are entitled to take photographs at the MSIT events for their own personal or educational purposes. The organisers will not be liable if delegates object to being photographed in these circumstances.