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Springtime in Bavaria...

....where does the time go? It doesn't seem so long that we all shared a beer or two in the Hexenzimmer, but already we are thinking about the next meeting of the MSIT. The 33rd MSIT meeting (and 4th of MSIT Europe) will take place in the beautiful Schloß Ringberg in the glorious Bavarian Alps, the spiritual home of the MSIT, from Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th of March. It's difficult to believe that for 33 years, a team of dedicated Materials Scientists has met to evaluate, discuss, and yes, argue about ternary alloy systems, their phase equilibria and thermodynamics. Tragically, we have lost many friends along the way, but we have to nurture the younger generation. The MSIT is addressing this through the Winter School; and the 3rd Winter School will run alongside the Group Work, from Monday to Wednesday, aiming to give expert tuition in topics associated with phase equilibria and thermodynamics, including the experimental determination of phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties of phases, crystallography, how to conduct an evaluation, and new to this School, how to perform a thermodynamic assessment, from experimental data to optimised phase diagram by the Calphad method.

So, get the dates in your diary. Book your tickets and bring a (younger) friend. I'll see you in the Gartenzimmer on the 3rd of March....

Enjoy the rest of your summer.