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MSI to host the next APDIC World Round-Robin Seminar

It is with great pleasure that MSI can announce that the 2nd MSIT Winter School will form the next in the series of the APDIC World Round-Robin Seminars.

2017 was the year that MSI held its first Winter School on Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamics. Held in parallel with the 31st Annual Workshop on Heterogeneous Equilibria, the Winter School comprised lectures given by experts within the MSIT network on Phase diagrams, Classical and Computational Thermodynamics, and Crystallography. Feedback from the Winter School delegates was very positive and it is the intention to continue with this important series of events.

APDIC (Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission) was formed in 1986, comprising 18 'members' from 26 different countries. Part of its Mission is the 'Promotion of the application of phase diagrams in industry and academia' and one of the methods of achieving this goal is through the World Round-Robin seminar series. The APDIC World Round-Robin seminar is held every two years or so, with lecturers from APDIC (or other experts in the field invited by APDIC) providing a systematic knowledge of phase diagrams and thermodynamics, starting from the fundamentals of how to read a phase diagram to up-to-date application in designing new materials.

MSI, being a member of APDIC, has agreed to host the next in the series of World Round-Robin seminars with it forming the 2nd MSIT Winter School.

Preparation of the Seminar programme is underway, and it will comprise a mixture of lectures and workshops on all things relating to phase equilibria. In addition, there will be a session on applications of phase diagrams in the development of new materials.

The Seminar will be held on the 12th-14th of February, 2018, in parallel with the 32nd MSIT meeting on Heterogeneous Equilibria, in the glorious setting of Schloss Ringberg in Bavaria. Delegates will have the opportunity to interact with the MSIT workshop participants at social events organised within the Castle, and so learn of the important work that the team undertakes as a member of APDIC. Delegates will also have the opportunity to stay for the whole week and join in with the MSIT Workshop.

This is an exciting new development in the MSIT series of Winter Schools, and it is with great pleasure that the 2nd in the series will form the next in the important series of APDIC World Round-Robin Seminars.

So, put the date in your diaries and watch this space for more information, as and when it becomes available.