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MSIT becomes a truly Global Network

The MSI team has always been a Global Network of materials scientists that have met on an annual basis to work on the evaluation of phase diagrams and phase equilibria. But September sees the first (hopefully of many) locally organised meeting, for local scientists. The first MSIT Russia meeting will be hosted by The National University of Science and Technology, MISIS in Moscow, under the leadership of Alexandra Khvan, from September 28th to October the 4th, 2015. The focus of the workshop is on training and expanding the network to bring a new generation to the MSIT. The team at MISIS will be joined by members from IMET in Moscow, many of whom have been involved with MSI from the very beginning bringing with them a vast wealth of experience in the evaluation of phase equilibria and thermodynamics. They will be working with up to 24 newcomers, training them in the 'art' of performing MSI reviews.

The newcomers will bring new enthusiasm to the team, as well as a good knowledge of their own respective fields, and hopefully go on to become regular attendees at meetings in the future, both at MSIT Russia and at the Ringberg meetings.