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MSIT-Russia Workshop held at Vyksa

Following the hugely successful inaugural meeting of MSIT-Russia last year, the 2nd MSIT-Russia meeting took place close from 28th August-2nd September 2016 by the picturesque River Oka, close to the city of Vyksa. The seminar was organised by Prof. Khvan of MISIS, Moscow with the support of Vyksa Steel Works UMC, who provided the facilties and accommodation for the meeting. During the workshop a total of 8 ternary and 2 binary systems were evaluated. As is the tradition at MSIT meetings, the workgroups consisted of young scientists and PhD students with leadership provided by experienced experts. During the seminar the team had the chance to visit the plant and see modern metallurgical processes in action. The participants were presented with momentoes by a representative of the company.