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License the World Knowledge on Phase Diagrams

MSI Eureka is set up to serve as your standard information source.

  • by complete coverage of all inorganic materials, literature on salts covered only  in part.
  • by highest quality evaluation reports on binary and ternary systems.
  • by a licence policy that avoids multiple charges when overlapping license areas occur for different licenses that you might run concurrently.

MSI Eureka accumulates the  knowledge on inorganic systems, evaluates published data and generates new knowledge.

A license keeps you up to date with the growing knowledge in materials chemistry.

  • benefits: you stay up to date with the growing information
  • coverage:  all inorganic materials systems (over 60.000 element combinations), since 1830 and ongoing, salts covered in part
  • content: value adding information, from literature citations to high quality intellectual evaluations, made by MSIT