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Licenses and Fees

For immediate, on demand access to the MSI Eureka single user licenses can be purchased online by credit card. For collaborating groups, multi user environments and consortia subscriptions to MSI Eureka are the economic choice.

Multi-user License

Multi-user licenses depend on the size and the type of the subscribing organization/ consortium. They are typically serving universities, government and industrial research establishments and allow any PC within the licensed IP domains to access MSI Eureka, directly or via Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Multi-user licenses also can be agreed for partners  in cooperating research projects and networks.

Different license fees apply for (a) research organizations and (b) universities with teaching duties. Contact us for more information.

Single-user License

The online license fees are based on the content available when you enter into a license. Access however, is granted to all information  within your licensed area, including such that will become available later!

They are priced according to the level of complexity and scientific value added by the MSI-Team. Prices for purchase of  individual document may vary for €4 for a single literature citation (Links to Literature) to over €1000 for the most in depth ternary evaluations.

License fees include, also without additional charge, update of information in the licensed areas and upgrade of the access software Eureka Viewer. Within the terms of your license are free of charge:

  • All earlier versions of evaluation reports
  • All update and new information coming available
  • Upgrade of the access software Eureka Viewer.

Control your costs

  • Customize a license area, specific to the material and  the type of information that you need; specify as wide or as narrow as you want.
  • Pay a fixed license fee but access all information that comes available in your license area, at no additional costs.
  • No duplicated fee is charged on overlapping license areas, not within a license and not within concurrently running licenses.
  • Feel comfortable to make MSI Eureka your regular information source.

Online license fees are calculated from all documents in the licensed area, available at the time of purchase. License areas which are partially covered by a valid license already will not be charged in full again, but discounted accordingly, see below. Finally,  the license fee is progressively discounted depending on the total volume of purchase.

As a consequence prices which are displayed  in the online shop for individual documents may vary from case to case, depending on your licensing.

No duplicated charges: not within a license and not within concurrent valid licenses!

  • No duplicated charges apply if  overlap in content occurs within a license.
  • No duplicated charges apply if  overlap in contents occurs within different, valid licenses.


Overlap within a license :

You need for example quality information in two material areas,  such as

 Ag-Cu- In + subsystems        (material  area 1)
 Ag-Cu- Sb + subsystems       (material area 2) 

Therefore you take a "license-1", covering both materials areas. In this particular license pure silver, pure copper and the binary system Ag-Cu are included in both material areas. However, they are charged only once. In the second selection the fee for the overlapping area is rated zero. No duplicated charge within a license!

Overlap in concurrently running licenses!

In the middle of the above license period you need for example to make a survey on all materials containing silver, and therefor you take a second license:

License-2: Ag-* (which means: silver + any combination of other elements)

License-2  includes the entire license-1, for which the license period may have expired only half. A discount, worth 50% of license-fee-1, will apply to license-2. 

For the  overlap in content, no charges will apply on overlapping license periods! No duplicated charge within concurrent licenses!


To avoid multiple charge  Eureka Viewer must be open & running on your PC with an existing license while ordering new information via Credit Card payment.  The overlap of information & time can only be discovered and discounted if the new license is purchased from the same PC on which the earlier license is running.