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License Options

There are  two ways of purchasing a license, for two types of user environments:


  1. Single user licenses (green line below)

    • Usually purchased online
    • personal license key, delivered immediately online at the end of the purchase process
    • subject to Initiates file downloadTerms & Conditions

  2. Site Licenses  (blue line below)

    • usually subscribed by organizations
    • public license key, usually disseminate through the library
    • subject to a license agreement and Initiates file downloadTerms & Conditions

Any license requires to define the license area. This is done online in the the case of a single user license and through a license agreement in case of multi-user environments.

Opens internal link in current windowSingle user license  by Credit Card (green line above).

 License period: 3 months.

This license mode is typically chosen for targeted and immediate needs. In one single web session you specify your license area, purchase your license and receive your license key. Then copy & past the license key into the viewer "Eureka Viewer". In the viewer you download and read the interactive documents in your license area, immediately.

Further on you can select, download and read any document in your license area  via Eureka Viewer directly.

If you want to expand or renew the license you go back to the web interface and buy online a new license key. Note that there is no duplicated charge on overlapping information, not within a license and not for concurrently running licenses.

Opens internal link in current windowMulti-user license  by Subscription (blue line above).

 License period: negotiable.

This license mode  is the economic alternative typically selected for universities, enterprises, consortia or research facilities. A site licence allows any PC within the agreed domain range(s) to access the knowledge areas of the MSI Eureka.


If you require a license agreement different from the above, call Guenter Effenberg at + 49 (0)711 6771240 or contact: licensemsiportcom