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License Policy

Licenses grant access to the knowledge available in MSI Eureka for the licensed areas and for the agreed license period.

The license areas are customer defined by:

  • selecting the material area(s) plus
  • selecting the type of  information wanted on these materials

Licence  periods are:

  • 3 months for single user online licenses
  • to be agreed, for site licenses & consortia

License fees

  • are based on the value of documents in the licensed area at the time of purchase.
  • Where updates of evaluation reports are available only the most recent one will be accounted; however earlier versions will be remain accessible.

Any updates and new entries added to the licensed area  during the term of the license will be available to the user at no additional charge, keeping users up to date with developments in their areas.

License fees for MSI Eureka are content related and priced according to the level of complexity and the scientific value added by the MSITeam. Prices per document may vary from €4 for a single literature citation (Links to Literature) to over €1000 for the most in depth ternary evaluations.

IMPORTANT - Returning customers!

There is no duplicate charge on overlapping information, not within one license and not for concurrently running licenses. Any overlap of information in consecutive purchases will be discounted, according to the overlap in time.

To benefit from this, you must have Eureka Viewer open & running on your PC with your existing license while ordering new information via the Credit Card payment

Content Updates

The databases of MSI Eureka are constantly updated. Throughout the license period, subscriptions provide access to all database updates to each of the subscribed 'specified groups' of materials systems, with newly available information identified at each log-in.

With constant literature monitoring of all relevant journals and conference proceedings plus private communications, MSI Eureka ensures users are kept up to date with the literature of relevance to them.

Software & Software Upgrades

A subscription includes the client software, Eureka Viewer plus its upgrades, as they become available.

Eureka Viewer

  • allows each user to access and integrate data from the World Library databases, creating their own personal library of information on the materials systems of interest to them.
  • provides the viewing and authentication functionality of the system, enabling access to value added information & evaluations contained within the databases plus providing a high degree of interactivity across documents & diagrams.

All the above is included in the annual license fee. For further information on the subscription, licensing options and to request a quotation for your needs, please contact us.

To recommend a subscription to your librarian, please complete the Recommend to Library form.

Purchases for single users can be made without subscription - directly online - via Credit Card Purchase.