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MSI Eureka Editorial


Scope: Materials constitution of inorganic materials. i.e. phase diagrams, crystal structure, thermodynamics, morphology, etc. The aim is to provide a reliable basis of phase diagram data on materials systems, such as that there is no more need for multiple retrospective searches and evaluations of the same systems again by the material scientists individually. MSI Eureka contents are created with the efforts of MSIT®, Materials Science International Team, a group of scientists cooperating together since 1984, being responsible for the publication of more than 60 books on phase diagrams and work related to the study of phase equilibria.

MSIT Evaluations: Ternary, Binary & p-T-x Evaluation Reports provide the intellectual critical evaluation of all published data and facts on each individual materials system.
Each evaluation report is a concise and - as far as published data allow – consistent phase diagram description for an individual binary or ternary system. The world literature is thoroughly and systematically searched back to the year 1830. Then, the published data are critically evaluated by the 
MSIT® experts in materials science and peer-reviewed under the authority of the MSIT Editorial Board.

MSIT Compilations:
- bibliographic database "Links to Literature",
- "Diagrams as Published" - compilation of phase diagrams,
- "Research Results" - extended extracts from the literature related to materials constitution.

Target Audience: the MSI Eureka data base is aimed 1) at academic and governmental research institutions with a focus on materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering and related topics and 2) at R&D in corporate organizations in the numerous fields of related to inorganic materials.

Quality standards are set up in the Notes for Authors (ISBN 978-3-932120-49-7 Edition 6 for ternary systems; ISBN 978-3-932120-44-2 for binary systems). The Notes for Authors are the guidelines for the authors on how to make critical evaluation, how to present data in a uniformed way, gives best practice on how to edit diagrams and figures. The editorial team at MSI has a strong commitment to scientific quality. In-house expertise ensures that the company is at the forefront of publishing and scientific developments.

The work flow in the process of the manuscript preparation is described here

Tools: for drawing phase diagrams MSI GmbH has developed own software "MSI Graphics Editor" and provides it for free to the MSIT authors and reviewers.
For communication and data exchange during manuscript preparation MSI provides the "MSI Collaboration Tool" for authoring teams, reviewers and editors.