The world's leading interactive database for high-quality, evaluated phase diagrams and related constitutional data. New Search Interface, modern functionalities, continuously updated content, multiple material classes.

The User Interface

MSI Eureka Viewer is the interface software to MSI Eureka, free for download

  • to search & find the world knowledge

  • to download & view documents from MSI Eureka

  • to authorize access to secured projects and  web areas of

Functions, what can I do with MSI Eureka Viewer?

MSI Eureka Viewer  offers a number of easy-to-use functionalities for the user:

  • Connecting with the up-to-date World Library of MSI Eureka

  • Giving access to licensed knowledge areas and secured web areas

  • Providing the information for which element combinations data ever has been published and for which materials no data is available

  • Creating a Personal Knowledge Base - a live library created from the contents of the MSI Eureka World Library, for each license

  • Receiving alerts, keeping the Personal Knowledge Base current with the growing contents of the MSI Eureka World Library, on each logon

  • Downloading documents  into the Personal Knowledge Base

  • working off-line with selected documents of the Personal Knowledge Base

  • Navigating the interactive documents with ease

Audience, who needs MSI Eureka Viewer

Anyone who wants to try (charge free) MSI Eureka.

Anyone who wants to access MSI Eureka is required to install the viewing software MSI Eureka Viewer i.e.

  • users covered by a license, purchased by credit card or via subscription contract
  • users taking part in a campus trials

Anyone who has authorized access to secured areas in

  • APDIC Members & contributors to access the secured areas of the APDIC Web Opens internal link in current window
  • MSIT Members to access their secured areas of the MSIT Web Opens internal link in current window
  • Researchers cooperating through the MSIT Workplace Opens internal link in current window.