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How to Get to Documents

The following steps let you view the purchased documents:

Click Search Libraries
1.Click Search Libraries button
Select elements, specify selection mode, click View
2.Select elements, specify selection mode, click View button
Move selected documents from Available to Selected
3.Move selected documents from "Available" to "Selected"
Open documents in the Work Session Contents, start viewing phase diagrams
4.Open documents in the "Work Session Contents"

  1. After you activated your license, click on "Search Libraries" button to open the periodic table.

  2. * Select element combination in the periodic table,
    * Specify selection mode (e.g. "as selected + any other element"),
    * Click on a "View" button to select documents from a specific category (e.g. Ternary Evaluations).

  3. All documents covered by your license are in your Personal Knowledge Base.
    * To compile a Work Session move the documents from the "Available" box (left side) to the "Selected" box (right side).
    * Click "OK" and "Download".

  4. Close the periodic table and open documents in the "Work Session Contents" window.

See tutorial video "How to View Documents"


How to find the accessible documents in case of a content-limited license

  • The recommended way is to look directly into your Personal Knowledge Base.
    Click one of the "View" buttons (left of  the periodic table) without prior selection of elements
  • The alternative way is to consult the license information.
    Click the button “View License” in the top menu


For your understanding: Your local Eureka Viewer installation hosts all documents that you can access  in the "Personal Knowledge Base". The "MSI Eureka World Library" tab lists the remaining documents which are not covered by your license and therefore are not accessible.