The world's leading interactive database for high-quality, evaluated phase diagrams and related constitutional data. New Search Interface, modern functionalities, continuously updated content, multiple material classes.

Information Products in MSI Eureka

MSI Eureka is a dynamic materials database of critically evaluated phase diagrams of inorganic materials. It is a powerful central access point for researchers and materials scientists which simplifies their work and increases their efficiency.

MSI Eureka's subject is materials constitution of inorgatic materials, i.e. phase diagrams, crystal structure, thermodynamics, morphology, etc.

MSI Eureka's objects:

  • alloys (steels, bronzes, magnets, implants, electronic materials,…and more)
  • non-metals (ceramics, sensors, semiconductors,…and more)
  • composites (cermets, …and more)

MSI Eureka's unique features:

  • the only source of constitutional information on ALL inorganic material systems ever studied: above 77.620 systems (element combinations)
  • the world’s largest source of evaluated phase diagrams
  • largest bibliographic data base on materials constitution, over 508.520 entries
  • unary, binary, ternary and …more-component materials systems
  • over 16340 diagrams & graphs, ca.10220 tables
  • constantly updated contents, automatic alert system
  • intuitive and user friendly, English language interface, interactive diagrams

The information is published by documents at various levels of MSIT added value, ranging from citations to evaluations; i.e. from "Links to Literature" for all systems ever published to "Critical Evaluation" of all published data for a individual system.

Phase Diagram Evaluations Phase Diagram Compilations Current Work Alert
Key are high level, value added phase diagram evaluations of binary and ternary inorganic systems. The Evaluation Reports critically  evaluate all (often conflicting) data on constitutional properties & phase equilibria known at the time. Metallurgical, thermodynamic and crystal structure data are collated, analyzed and evaluated by MSIT, the Materials Science International Team. Phase Diagram Compilations in MSI Eureka include a bibliographic data base with over 491,000 entries on all inorganic materials ever published and phase diagram collections for reference, uniformly edited, as published in the original publications, but not evaluated by MSIT. Current Work Alert presents information on phase diagram related research from leading laboratories around the world. The entries report activities which are recently completed, currently ongoing or planned for the near future.