"Ternary Alloys" book series authored by MSIT provide reliable and comprehensive descriptions of materials constitution. They are based on critical intellectual evaluations of all data available at the time and it critically weights the different findings.

Volume 22 “Refractory Material Systems for Industrial Applications” (2024)

Refractory Material Systems for Industrial Applications
Volume 22 of the handbook series Ternary Alloys. A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Constitutional Data and Phase Diagrams

The Volume 22 “Refractory Material Systems for Industrial Applications” is published in April 2024 as a printed edition and ebook.

ISBN 978-3-932120-53-4; eISBN: 978-3-932120-54-1
Editors: Hans Jürgen Seifert and K.C.Hari Kumar; Authors: MSIT®.
© Materials Science International Services GmbH, D-70565 Stuttgart (Federal Republic of Germany), 2024.

Table of Contents (pdf)

Volume 22 of Ternary Alloys combines critically evaluated phase diagrams and related information on 31 key ternary systems relevant to refractory ceramics, composites, and alloys. Such materials should be able to withstand high temperatures for extended durations. Furthermore, their phase stability and chemical composition should not undergo significant changes during service, which could adversely impact engineering and other properties. Their ability to resist oxidation, corrosion, and wear makes them the best choice for applications in extreme environments. Optimizing these properties requires knowledge of phase constitution under various conditions. It is envisaged that the information presented in this volume will be of interest to the scientific and engineering community, covering areas such as material development, processing, and finally, their applications in sectors such as aerospace, nuclear energy, chemical industry, lighting, etc. The presented results provide invaluable guidelines for refractory materials processing and design. They also serve as didactically fine examples for applying the fundamental rules of heterogeneous equilibria to rather complex ternary systems.The book series Ternary Alloys is the result of an international assessment program performed by MSIT - Materials Science International Team since 1984. The compendium is the most comprehensive source of reliable data on ternary systems available worldwide. The book series, as well as the MSI Eureka electronic platform, have been proven to be indispensable to everyone concerned with the research and development of materials, such as materials scientists and engineers, metallurgists, chemical engineers, inorganic chemists and physicists.

The system reports are arranged in the alphabetical order and have a standard format, allowing easy access to the required data. The following information is provided: liquidus projections, isothermal and vertical sections, quasibinary sections, reaction schemes, invariant equilibria, crystallographic data, thermodynamic data and materials properties, accompanied by short descriptive texts and extensive references.

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Starting with the Volume 19, MSI has changed slightly the concept of the handbook series “Ternary Alloys. A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Constitutional Data and Phase Diagrams”. Instead of exploring alphabetically all ternary systems based on one chemical element, like Al-X-Y or Mg-X-Y, the following volumes are dedicated to particular classes of materials or particular application areas, like volume 19 – “Selected Systems for Nuclear Applications”, volume 20 - “Selected Systems for Lead-free Soldering and Brazing Applications”. Selected are ternary systems of importance to industrial alloy development and systems which gained scientific interest in the recent years.

The book series Ternary Alloys provides reliable and comprehensive descriptions of the materials constitution, based on critical intellectual evaluations of all data available at the time and it critically weights the different findings, also with respect to their compatibility with today’s edge binary phase diagrams.

Reliable phase diagrams provide scientists and engineers with basic information of eminent importance for fundamental research and for the development and optimization of materials. So collections of such diagrams are extremely useful, if the data on which they are based have been subjected to critical evaluation, like in these volumes. Critical evaluation means: there where contradictory information is published data and conclusions are being analyzed, broken down to the firm facts and re-interpreted in the light of all present knowledge.

The evaluations are performed by MSIT®, Materials Science International Team, a group of scientists working together since 1984, being responsible for the publication of more than 63 books on phase diagrams and work related to the study of phase equilibria. Within this team skilled expertise is available for a broad range of methods, materials and applications. This joint competence is employed in the critical evaluation of the often conflicting literature data.

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