"Ternary Alloys" book series authored by MSIT provide reliable and comprehensive descriptions of materials constitution. They are based on critical intellectual evaluations of all data available at the time and it critically weights the different findings.

Sample Reports Published in the Ternary Alloys Book Series


Aluminium - Copper - Magnesium (Al-Cu-Mg)

by Günter Effenberg and Alan Prince, updated by Olena Bieloborodova, Lubomyr Gulay, Frederick H. Hayes, Mireille G. Harmelin, Hans Leo Lukas and Tamara Yanson  (.pdf, 600 kB)


Aluminium - Nickel - Titanium (Al-Ni-Ti)

by Piotr B. Budberg (.pdf, 600kB)


Silver - Copper - Tin (Ag-Cu-Sn)

by Ortrud Kubaschewski  (.pdf, 900 kB)