MSI offers engineering and scientific consulting services related to materials dominated problems for industrial clients and assists large scale research programs world wide. Supported by MSIT.

Example Projects by MSI / MSIT

Industrial Projects

Alloy producers

  • Description of phase configurations copper melts and bars on production scale.
  • Thermodynamic simulation on the effect of alloying additives in copper production


Car suppliers

  • Assisting development of diesel glow plug applications
  • Optimization of sensor materials
  • Assisting the development of diesel particulate filters

COST 507, Data Bases for the Development of New Light Alloys

15 countries, 32 projects, 1990- 1997

Evaluation Report by EU - Commission :

    " ... All literature handling, data management, reviewing and steering of the evaluations
has been centrally organized by project D12 (MSI) ..."

    " ... Such a comprehensive program has never before been realized in this field
and it is interesting to note that it is possible to bring to a successful conclusion a joint work
involving such a large number of partners from different countries and different scientific backgrounds..."

  • Group A: Experimental measurements of thermochemical properties
  • Group B: Compilation and critical evaluation of constitutional data
  • Group C: Thermodynamic assessments and calculation of phase equilibria

MSIT Training Network on the Constitution of Engineering Alloys

EU - HCM; CHRX - CT 93 - 0285

35 Post Doc’s from 7 European Universities were trained to direct complex alloy development most efficiently. They were trained to apply interactively (a) thermodynamic calculations, (b) intellectual evaluation and (c) experimental generation of data on possible alloy constitution,  along cost and time saving approaches.

  • through - workshops + laboratory visits
  • subject - Mg - Rare Earth - X systems
  • goal - To skill engineers in the art to employ the most promising research strategy at the right point of  accumulated knowledge.