MSIT Winter School

MSIT Winter Schools comprise lectures given by the MSIT members and invited experts on Phase diagrams, Classical and Computational Thermodynamics, and Crystallography and related applicational topics.

Dr. Svitlana Iljenko


Svitlana Iljenko is a materials scientist with expertise in materials constitution, i.e. phase equilibria, phase diagrams and related topics - crystallography, morphology, thermodynamics, etc.

With a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the Ukrainian Academy of Science in Kiev, Svitlana is engaged for over 20 years at the German company MSI – Materials Science International Services GmbH – a research & publishing institution in the field of materials science. Svitlana is editor/co-editor of 25 volumes of the handbooks on critical evaluations of materials constitution data, e.g. Ternary Alloys.


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