MSIT Winter School

MSIT Winter Schools comprise lectures given by the MSIT members and invited experts on Phase diagrams, Classical and Computational Thermodynamics, and Crystallography and related applicational topics.

   5th MSIT Winter School on

Materials Chemistry

2 - 6 May 2021


organised by:

Dr. Svitlana Iljenko / MSI, Materials Science International GmbH, Germany
Dr. Andrew Watson / Hampton Thermodynamics Ltd., UK
Dr. Frank Stein, Dr. Martin Palm / Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Germany

Owing to the global pandemic the 5th MSIT Winter School on Materials Chemistry will take place online.


The MSIT Winter School originally planned to be held in the Castle Burg Ebernburg in Germany, will now be held online on the same dates 3rd-6th of May, 2021.

The aim of the MSIT Winter School is to provide first-class tuition in a selection of subjects closely associated with the study of phase equilibria in Materials Science, e.g. Phase Equilibria, Crystallography and Computational Thermodynamics. Each module will involve lectures, demonstrations and problems classes.

The lectures and hands-on training given during MSIT Winter Schools are conducted by MSIT members and invited experts.

Each year, we hope to build on the successes of the previous years in order to make the Winter School better than before. At the 5th Winter School, we aim to cover not only basic principles but to go deeper into subject areas to give as full an understanding as possible within the time available.

Contrary to the previous MSIT Winter School, in 2021 there will be no opportunity to join in with the MSIT Workshop on Critical Evaluation of Heterogeneous Phase Equilibria

For any questions, plese contact Dr. Svitlana Iljenko iljenkomsiportcom; +49 (0)711 677 12 42



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