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MSI portal offers home and visibility to communities active in materials chemistry. Presently it hosts the "Materials Science International Team" (MSIT) - global network of experts in materials constitution and the experimental & computer thermodynamics of materials.


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The 27th MSIT meeting in February 2013 addressed three main topics:

1. Group work on selected alloy systems to be published in MSI Eureka.

  • Critical evaluation and review of binary systems
  • Critical evaluation of ternary system


2. Discussion group "MSIT initiative in education and science"

3. Discussion group on SPP-1473 project


Topics brought to the meeting. The agenda will give room for those who have to discuss partnerships or new ideas, to have their own meetings.

If you can not participate this time, you still can contribute to the discussions, mail your ideas, subjects to: effenbergmsiportcom


We hope that the meeting again will be beneficial for the coherence within the materials constitution community and serve personal and scientific exchanges, as previous workshops of the MSIT did.