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The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining honours Andy Watson

It is our great pleasure to announce the most recent winner of the prestigious Hume-Rothery prize from the Institute of Materials, Mineral and Mining of the United Kingdom. After Prof. Rainer Schmid-Fetzer (2010) and Dr. Guenter Effenberg (2012), Dr. Andrew Watson - another MSIT® member – has been awarded the 2013 Hume-Rothery prize: "In recognition of distinguished achievements concerned with phase relationships in metallic materials or non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest."

Andy Watson joined the MSIT® in 1995 and since then has attended every annual MSIT meeting. His experience in carrying out critical evaluation of phase diagram data together with his meticulous attention to detail and conscientiousness make his contributions to the MSIT Evaluation Programs invaluable, both as the author and as the reviewer. Andy is one of the MSIT authors whose articles almost always pass peer-review process without any corrections.

Since 1995 Andy has published over 60 Evaluation Reports with the MSI, both on ternary and binary systems.

Dr. Watson was the Editor and the driving force behind the 18 volumes of the book series “Red Books” made jointly with the Russian Information Service VINITI.

To work and to communicate with him is always pleasant and highly productive.

His research work throughout his career at UMIST, Sheffield and Leeds has led him to study the thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria for wide ranges of materials, covering III-V semiconductors, high temperature superconducting oxides, lead free solders, steels and super-alloys.

Most of this work has involved collaboration with scientists throughout the world and has led him to take on key management roles within European projects (Vice chair of European COST531 and COST MP0602 projects), Committees (Chair of IOM3 Materials Chemistry Committee, APDIC), Editorial Boards (Associate editor of CALPHAD, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion and The Journal of Mining and Metallurgy).

On behalf of the MSIT®, we offer our thanks for all your excellent work and cordial congratulations on this award.