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APDIC meeting ratifies Best Paper Award


APDIC Best Paper Award 2022

MSI are proud to announce that one of the MSI Eureka publications has been chosen as the BEST PUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT ON ALLOY PHASE DIAGRAM DATA by APDIC for the year 2022.


Congratulations go to:

Benedikt Distl, Alexander Walnsch, Rosie F.L. Mellor, Leonie Gomell, Mehdi Noori, Angelika Gedsun, Frank Stein, “Al-Mo-Ti Ternary Phase Diagram Evaluation”, in MSI Eureka, Andy Watson (Ed.), MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart, Document ID: 10.17143.3.2,, (2021)

In order to promote activities in phase diagram related work, APDIC - The Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission awards the Best Paper Award each year to the authors of the publication judged to be the best in the field of phase equilibria and thermodynamics research of the previous year.