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  • CEO of MSI GmbH receives great honour from the Ukranian Academy of Sciences

Günter Effenberg, Dr of FIPMS....

It's with great pleasure that we congratulate Günter Effenberg on receiving an honorary degree from our friends at the Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science (FIPMS) in Kiev, Ukraine. As a result of many years of cooperation between members of FIPMS and Günter, the Director of the Institute, Prof. Skorohod and the members of the scientific board resolved unanimously to award the degree of Honorary Doctor of FIPMS. The announcement came from our old friend and colleague, Prof. Tamara Velikanova. The Kiev MSI team have collaborated on a number of projects with Günter, not least the binary and ternary system evaluations which run to hundreds of reports. But the award indicates the high regard in which FIPMS holds Günter and his undying efforts in promoting the the field of materials constitution, and the work and expertise of the members of the Frantsevich Institute.