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Ringberg 2018

....and that's it for another year, another highly successful meeting on Heterogeneous Multicomponent Equilibria - the 32nd MSIT 'Ringberg Meeting', which ran from the 11th -14th of February at the beautiful Schloss Ringberg in Bavaria, the 'spiritual home' of the MSIT. This year's meeting was special in that it was also host to the 6th APDIC World Round-robin Seminar 'Phase Diagrams as a tool for efficient materials design.' This also formed the 2nd in the series of MSIT Winter Schools on Materials Science, which is becoming established as the premier event for the training of students and more mature researchers in the basic principles and the applications of phase equilibria and thermodynamics. APDIC (Alloy Phase Diagram International Commission) inaugurated the series of Round-robin seminars in order to 'Educate people in Industry and Students on the subject of phase diagrams.' This fits perfectly with the aims of the MSIT Winter School, and so it decided to bring the two seminars together for 2018. Lecturers were APDIC representatives or chosen by APDIC and the Winter School organisers as experts in their respective fields. Lecture topics over the three days of the seminar ranged from basic thermodynamic principles, through experimental techniques in phase diagram and thermodynamic property measurement, to computational thermodynamics and advanced applications in an industrial context. Feedback from the delegates is very positive, and we're pleased to say that the MSIT Winter School will return in 2019.


The Winter School/World Round-robin seminar was only part of the story. The 32nd MSIT meeting on Heterogeneous Multicomponent Equilibria (the 'Group Work') ran for the whole week continuing the valuable alloy system evaluation work for which the MSIT is renowned. As the Winter School formally closed on the Wednesday, delegates had the opportunity to join the MSIT to learn how to conduct system evaluations, and it was very encouraging to see so many young faces in the Work Groups. Hopefully, we will see them at future 'Ringberg Meetings' for many years to come.




Oh, and the 'Fire' was of course the annual Feuerzangenbowle......