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  • First MSIT Russia meeting a resounding success!

The first local MSIT meeting shows the way for others to follow...

September saw the first meeting of MSIT Russia, which took place at MSIS in Moscow from the 28th to the 2nd of October. Following the official opening of the event by G√ľnter Effenberg, CEO of MSI, a selection of presentations were given by local Materials Scientists. But the main work of the week, as usual for MSIT meetings, was the group work evaluations. More than 20 delgates attended the meeting (with two attending online from overseas) performing evaluations on no fewer than 14 ternary systems. The meeting was a resounding success and plans are already underway for MSIT Russia - 2016. This is planned to take place during August next year and will be hosted by Vyksa Steel Works (United Metallurgical Company), at a venue in the Deep Murom forests near the city of Vyksa. 

MSIT Russia is the first of a collection of new local teams that have been created to make it easier to get more people involved, in particular, young scientists. The next meeting in the series is MSIT Europe (chair person Prof. R, Schmid-Fetzer; organizer Prof. H.J. Seifert). It is hoped that MSIT China will meet in the coming months.