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Download and Installation

MSI Eureka Viewer
MSI Eureka Viewer


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows required. PC with Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (minimum) or Windows XP Service Pack 1 (minimum) or more recent Windows version (legacy systems Windows 9x/ME/NT are not supported)
  • Internet connection
  • Size:  7 MB

Quick installation:

  • Download and open the installation file (size approx. 7 MB)
  • Setup wizard will guide you through the software setup.

  • On the first start-up Eureka Viewer will request you to activate a License.


Activate your license

Opens internal link in current windowHow to activate a commercial license

How to activate a demo license

How to activate a special license (APDIC members, MSIT-members, etc.)

How to cite