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Free Content in MSI Eureka

Demo License: Demonstration of Different Information Types

How to activate demo license, step 1
How to activate demo license, step 1
How to activate demo license, step 2
How to activate demo license, step 2

You can access sample documents from each information category free of charge. The following steps will bring you to see the sample documents of MSI Eureka.

  1. Download and install the user interface software Eureka Viewer Opens internal link in current window.
  2. On the first start up of Eureka Viewer you will be requested to enter a  license key. Click "Cancel".
  3. Now Eureka Viewer offers to activate a demo license instead. Click "Ok".
  4. In the upper menu of the Eureka Viewer, click on "Search Libraries" button to open the periodic table.
  5. WITHOUT prior selection of elements, click on "View" buttons for each information category, such as  Ternary Evaluations, Links to Literature, etc. All sample documents available in that category will be offered to you for reading.

Sample documents available from the Demo license:

Information Category Systems
Ternary Evaluation Ag-Cu-Sn, As-Ga-Pt, Al-Cu-Mg, Al-Ni-Ti, Cu-Ni-Si
Binary Evaluation Ag-Cu, Al-Cu, Al-Pd, Cu-Ti
Reference Diagrams Au-Sn, C-Ti, Co-Cr-Fe, Cr-Mo-Ni
p-T-x Diagrams H-Ti, Cu-S
Research Results Au-Te, Bi-Pd, Bi-Se, Al-Nb-Ti, B-Fe-Nd, Cu-Fe-K-S
Links to Literature Ag-Cu, Ag-As-Cu, Al-Mg-Si, Ni-Y, Al-B-C-Co-Cr-Mo-Ni-Si-Ti
All categories Ag-Cu-In-Sn ( as selected + subsystems)

Free Info in "Current Work Alert"

For direct access Opens internal link in current windowclick here.

Current Work Alert presents information about current research activities in the  laboratories performing phase diagram research in different countries. Entries are made mainly by APDIC contributors and MSIT members.