"Ternary Alloys" book series authored by MSIT provide reliable and comprehensive descriptions of materials constitution. They are based on critical intellectual evaluations of all data available at the time and it critically weights the different findings.

How to Publish with MSI


Join MSI Team of expert authors and get published in MSI Eureka!

MSI editorial team is looking forward to working with you on your publications in the matters related to materials constitution. 

At MSI, publishing is a team activity - coordinating and optimizing the knowledge not just of authors and reviewers, but also of scientific editors, copy editors, all those involved in production, distribution, and support services. Every link in the chain contributes to a published product's success in the marketplace.


36 Years of Publishing Expertise
For the past 36 years, the name MSI has been synonymous with excellence in evaluating data on materials constitution. That tradition carries on today. Every year, MSI accepts and publishes about 30-70 critical evaluations of ternary and binary systems. 

The editorial team at MSI has an absolute commitment to quality. In-house technological expertise ensures that the company is at the forefront of publishing developments.

MSI is more than just a publisher. We provide information, services and benefits to our authors & reviewers that set us apart from the rest.

Peer Review Process
Each manuscript is thoroughly reviewed by the MSI panel of peer reviewers. Contrary to other publishers, MSI reviewers have at hand the same literature which was available and cited by the author. This allows reviewers to get deep insight in the materials system and to improve quality of the manuscript.

To ensure the highest quality, the final proofreading of the manuscripts is made by internal MSI editors, highly qualified in the field of materials constitution and phase diagrams.


MSI Eureka is a living electronic data base. Submissions are accepted for two data categories:

a) Critical Evaluations of the ternary & binary materials systems

b) Research Results - original short publications, brief communications related to materials constitution.

Usually contributions are ordered by MSI editors. Please get in touch with us prior to the manuscript preparation, contact us.


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