"Ternary Alloys" book series authored by MSIT provide reliable and comprehensive descriptions of materials constitution. They are based on critical intellectual evaluations of all data available at the time and it critically weights the different findings.

Ternary Alloys - System Reports

Systems are arranged in alphabetical order and have a standard format, allowing easy access to the required data.

The representation of the equilibria of ternary systems as a function of temperature results in special diagrams whose sections and projections are generally published in the literature. In Ternary Alloys phase equilibria are described in terms of liquidus projections, isothermal and quasibinary sections; data of invariant equilibria are generally given in the form of tables.

The following information is provided: liquidus projections, isothermal and vertical sections, reaction schemes, invariant equilibria and crystallographic data, accompanied by descriptive texts. 

Each system report presents concise descriptions and does not repeat facts which can clearly be read directly from the diagrams. For most purposes you will find all the information you need on ternary alloys in this compendium. A detailed bibliography gives you the original sources for further study.

The constitutional description of an alloy system consists of text and a table/diagram section which are separated by the bibliography referring to the original literature. The tables and diagrams carry the essential information and are commented on in the text if necessary.

Where published data allow, the following sections are provided in each report: 

Provided sections for system reports

Introduction Isothermal Sections
Binary Systems Temperature-Composition Sections
Solid Phases Notes on Materials Properties and Applications
Quasibinary Systems Miscellaneous
Invariant Equilibria Table Solid Phases
Liquidus, Solidus, Solvus Surfaces Table Invariant Equilibria